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:: Web Definitions - Most Popular

Here are just a few "Frequently Asked" web definitions, listed in alphabetical order.  For additional definitions use the links at left.

  • Domain: This is the text "name" of a web site that is easily remembered, and used for the actual numeric IP address it is assigned to. Domain names are registered by the web site owner, and may contain one of many extensions (.com/.net/.org, etc).
  • Email:  "Electronic mail" sent from a software program that transmits messages over a network, such as the Internet.
  • HTML: Is the abbreviations for "Hypertext Markup Language." This is the basic coding within a web page that your browser reads and interprets visually. It is the coding for the layout, colors, and fonts that create the web page you view online.
  • HyperLink: When a viewer clicks their mouse on either text or graphic on a web page it redirects them to a different area or information.
  • ISP: "Internet Service Provider" (or Internet Access Providers) is a company that provides the viewer access to the Internet. The ISP provides each client with a Browser software package, their own username with password, and access to the Internet by either Dialup, DSL or a Cable connection number.  The client must have a computer equipped with a modem to connect to the ISP in order to log-on to the Internet, browse the Web, and send or receive email.
  • Link: Short for Hyperlink (see above). 
  • Web: Originally known as the "World Wide Web."
  • Web Designer / Web Developer: The person or company that designs, builds, and maintains a web site. Each has a special job, but may also encompass all services in the development of a web site so be sure to ask.
  • Web Host: A company that rents space on their servers, with 24/7 maintenance service to keep the web sites alive on the Internet.
  • Webmaster: The person who maintains a web site.  Also see Web Designer above.
  • Web Page: A single file made up of HTML, text and graphics. It is also known as an HTML document.
  • Web Server: A large computer that stores all the files necessary to create a web site and connect to the internet for viewers online.
  • Web Site: These are the web files that collectively make a web site, and are stored on a web server for retrieval by viewer browsers.

Additional words will be added as inquiries are received.

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